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Work in Progress

by Damien Borowik

My work is about process. Whether it is a physical installation or purely screen based, the art of making is an integral part of the resulting artefact. I consider the computational craft movement to be at the forefront of art, where computer technology informs the shaping of an idea. Using rapid prototyping techniques, simulation and code, I am able to create and shape tools that suit my needs and aims. In an act of abstraction and perception, the contemplative qualities of computer processes enable me to continuously shape the medium.


'Soundwave' is an installation made of hacked, engineered and bespoke parts. It aims to create sounds from sheets of materials by controlling their oscillation and vibration. The ensemble is made of three actuators which are directed by a microprocessor (Arduino). The program takes into account the specificities of each actuator and its components to create a energising and rhythmic sound piece.


?Particles? is a real time screen based work made in Processing. The code emulates the physical properties such as mass, speed and attraction. Various other parameters have been added to the particles, adding a certain level of control over the behaviour and appearance of the system. In this iteration, the parameters change according to preset patterns.